JBoss standalone server to AWS

Moved the following to AWS: 1 Apache server, 2 JBoss servers clustered, 2 MySQL servers with replication. In this case the customer had moved a lot of functionality off of JBoss and just needed to get rid of old hardware and make the application stack more available then being on premise. Setup a new EC2 reserved instance installed apache, mysql, jboss. Moved all applications and databases over to the new cloud server. This gave the customer the ability to turn off 5 servers and cut cost of the hardware. If you are looking to get rid of hardware and save on electricity, rack space, time, and stress. Contact us about moving your applications to the cloud.

Heroku managed application server.

Moved an application stack that was running in Heroku at about $2400/m this included postgres database, ruby on rails application server, over to Amazon EC2 large instance. The cost saving went to $2100/y which was a cost saving of nearly 90%. The EC2 instance was more powerful and handled much more load. Do you have that application that is sucking a lot of money and resources in order for you to keep it running. It might be the perfect candidate to move to the cloud and get that thing out of the office, plus you would save money also.

Static web hosting.

Moved the static content for multiple websites, over to S3. These sites were serving video and images. Setup Amazon CloudFront in front of the S3 bucket and customer complaint dropped considerably. Content was served much quicker and reliable to the end users. Are you paying multiple hosting companies to host multiple websites. With Amazon you are able to bring all of the under one roof and only pay for the amount of data that gets served from those websites. Pay for what you use rather then what you have. Contact us to help you get all your websites hosting in one place and save the hosting fees by just paying for what you use.

JBoss application Server

Setup a new JBoss application server with MySQL backend automated backups to S3. This application server housed an E-commerce website that handles about 250K hits per month. Looking to develop a cloud based solution that is always available even if you loose internet connectivity in your office? Contact us for help in bringing your application stack into the cloud for a most cost effective and reliable solution.