About Us

Spex Consulting provides custom solutions for moving your business to Amazon Cloud infrastructure. As a AWS Partner, we focus on utilizing as many Amazon AWS services as possible to bring the most savings to the customer. We provide custom setups for servers and networks. We will work with the business to develop a migration plan, and timeline to accomplish the work. Our goal at Spex Consulting is to help businesses utilize the low cost Amazon cloud and fully retire old hardware.

Spex Consulting LLC was founded by Olin and Alilia Blodgett. We have over 15 years of Linux and Infrastructure experience in the Information Technology Industry. We assist all types of businesses in all types of industries. From start ups looking to spend virtually no money to get start all the way to mid level companies looking to spent less. We understand the complexities of running a business out of your own facility, and the challenges of not having adequate IT personal to accomplish your goals. Our mission is to help save companies money in the short and long term as well as create easily managed and less complex solutions.

If your business is looking to explore cloud computing or is ready to migrate a large portion of your infrastructure to the cloud, Spex Consulting can help get you there!