Spex Consulting has the skill sets required to take your business from your local data center to the Amazon cloud. We understand Amazon AWS and are trained on the technologies used to create and extend Amazon AWS services. If you are running physical servers and need assistance with administration, or need custom features implemented in your account, we have the skills necessary to get it done.

Amazon S3

We can move your data to Amazon S3 storage making it either secure or available anywhere.

Amazon CloudFront

We can put your data closer to the customer by using Amazon’s content delivery network.

Amazon Route53

We can move your DNS hosting and records to Amazon, which saves money and is easier to manage in one portal.

Amazon EC2

We can migrate your existing servers to the Amazon EC2. This eliminates the need to purchase hardware every three years, cutting hardware cost by anywhere from 50% – 80%.

Amazon VPC

We can create a virtual network in the cloud, to keep all the servers secure. Also connect the local offices via this secure network.

Amazon Glacier

We can setup data archival processes that keep your data save in Amazon Glacier and eliminate the need for onsite / offsite tapes.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder

We can utilize Amazon’s encoder to convert video to all device formats, in a simple automated step.

Amazon Directory Service

We can setup and Domain controller in the cloud that will service all your local and remote authentication needs and keep users secure.

Amazon WorkDocs

We can store the document that you work day to day in the cloud and setup automated backups, so if you premises becomes unavailable for whatever reason all your data is still safe in the cloud.


We can develop or migrate based on any of the other Amazon services the others might be less common for small businesses but we can work with each to create a custom solution that best fits the customer.