Cloud Computing Savings?

Large numbers of companies have started moving some if not all their infrastructure to the cloud, in an attempt to cut costs which boosts profits. This also leads to less time spent by IT professionals maintaining infrastructure, and most time spent on innovation and strategy. One of the best features of the cloud is that you pay for what you use, and this gives the ability to scale up or down depending on current demand. Where as in your data center your servers are going to be running whether or not there are users using them.

The first place a business needs to start is with a road map. Moving to a cloud provider is not going to happen overnight so a clear, well thought out plan is critical in migration, in the least amount of time. This should be one of the first steps that a consulting company takes the client company through, after the decision has been made to move to the cloud.

In the long run the focus shifts to what does the cloud provider have to offer and how to maximize the use of those services in order to achieve full cloud adoption.