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Small Business Cloud Migration Services

Spex Consulting is committed to small businesses that struggle with IT related tasks. Spex has a track record of moving small businesses to the cloud to cut time spent and cost for IT infrastructure.

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Spex Consulting has the skill sets required to take your business from your local data center to the Amazon cloud. We understand Amazon AWS and are trained on the technologies used to create and extend Amazon AWS services. If you are running physical servers and need assistance with administration, or need custom features implemented in your account, we have the skills necessary to get it done. Learn More

Our Solutions

Our goal at Spex Consulting is to fill the gaps between your local data center and Amazon AWS to help your business be successful. With our expertise in the Amazon AWS Technologies, we can create custom solutions for your business that offload your computing to the cloud. Our goal is to provide solutions that make your business act as one cohesive unit, using Amazon AWS. Click "Learn More" below for examples of the types of solutions we can provide for your Amazon AWS account.

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If you are looking to save money or move your applications to the cloud, we can develop a solution for your business needs. Don’t hesitate to Call Us @970-946-4751, Email solutions@spexconsulting.com, or click "Let us help" button.
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